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I am a second-year master's student at Stanford University majoring in computer science. I expect to graduate in June 2023. My areas of interest are HCI, Human-Centered AI, Machine Learning.

  • Name: D M Raisul Ahsan
  • Current city: Stanford, CA, USA
  • Email: dahsan@stanford.edu
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MS in Computer Science

Stanford University

Specialization: Human-Computer Interaction


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of New Mexico

Honors Thesis: Designing Interactive Murals


June 2022 - September 2022

Software Engineer Intern

Alliance Innovation Lab, Nissan North America

☐ Utilizing the Ackermann steering model, devised a projected motion path estimation algorithm given current steering data in order to enable teleoperation of automated vehicles.
☐ Designed and developed a user interface for the teleoperation web application that improves user experience metrics such as usability, learnability, and efficiency of use.
☐ Implemented a path overlay drawing algorithm utilizing camera transformation of 3D world coordinates.
☐ Developed API endpoints and a tool to visualize simulation data in real-time.

September 2021 - Present

Graduate Research Assistant, HCI

IxD Research Group, Stanford University

☐Implementing support for multiple themes and storylines in an Android narrative-based fitness app.
☐Integrating Google Fit API and designing a Firebase database for the app to facilitate seamless collection of wellness and health data, and efficient data visualization.
☐Upgrading the current codebase of the app written in Java by adding new features to prepare the app for a study to understand the persuasive power of data-driven narrative for promoting more active lifestyles.

Jan 2020 - August 2021

Undergraduate Research Assistant, HCI & IoT

Hand and Machine Research Group, UNM

☐ Designed a hardware-software integrated system for a novel large scale outdoor interactive mural.
☐ Built embedded systems utilizing Raspberry Pi, microcontrollers and sensors to respond to human interactions, record weather data, and wirelessly communicate with the server and the database.
☐ Developed a database and a fully-fledged web interface to remotely observe, monitor, and control the mural.
☐ Leveraged skills in Node.js, p5.js, MySQL, Python, C, HTML, CSS, Raspberry Pi, Microcontrollers, HTTP, I2C

Jan 2020 - Jan, 2021

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Program Analysis

Department of Computer Science, UNM

☐ Extend DIG – a tool for generating linear and nonlinear numerical invariants using symbolic states.
☐ Devised a novel heuristic approach to find the maximum degree of invariants in the form of nonlinear equality involving non-factorable polynomials with the help of numerical analysis of the concrete states.
Designed an algorithm, and developed a program utilizing Python and SageMath; the program is capable of finding the maximum degree with a success rate of 90%.
☐ Leveraged skills in Python, SageMath, Multivariable Calculus, Interpolation.

Feb 2020- March 2021

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Embedded Systems

Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC), UNM

☐ Led a team of 4 members at the UNM CTSC Health Hackathon – 2020, proposed a digital indoor navigation system for large hospitals that will help each hospital to stop an average revenue leakage of $250000 every year. The proposed system has been selected to be funded by NIH with an initial amount of $10000.
☐ Developed a prototype of a hardware-software integrated system that utilizes QR codes to help patients and staff navigate inside hospitals.
☐ Leveraged skills in JavaScript, React, NodeJS, Embedded Systems.

Jan, 2020 - Dec 2020

Teaching Assistant

Department of Computer Science, UNM

☐ Administered laboratory classes for the ‘Design of Large Programs’ course, instruct students on how to use different tools related to writing software, and evaluate the projects submitted by the students.
☐ Leveraged skills in Java, Design Patterns

April, 2018- May, 2020

Lab Assistant

Department of Anesthesiology, UNM Hospital

☐ Advanced ongoing research on chronic pain at the Department of Anesthesiology by extracting and running different tests on protein and RNA samples.



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2020 UNM School of Engineering Annual Awards - Outstanding Junior, Department of Computer Science

University of New Mexico

Awarded as the outstanding junior (academic year 2019/2020) from the Department of Computer Science in 2020 UNM School of Engineering Annual Awards. Outstanding students are selected by the faculty members of the respective depratments based on a variety of criteria such as GPA, research, and service to the School.


VanDyke Software Scholarship

University of New Mexico

Awarded as the recipient of Fall 2020 VanDyke Software Scholarship by the Department of Computer Science at UNM based on academic merit.


UNM CTSC Pilot Project Award

University of New Mexico

At the UNM CTSC Health Hackathon - 2020, led a team into winning a $10000 worth pilot award for my project proposal on improving indoor navigation system inside hospitals and large building using embedded technologies.


Dean's List

University of New Mexico

Placed on the Dean's List of the School of Engineering every semester in recognition of the academic excellence shown in the respective semesters.


International Amigo Scholarship

University of New Mexico

The International Amigo Scholarship entitles awarded international students to a waiver of the non-resident portion of tuition.


A Few Selected Projects (doesn't include work projects)

PPG to BP Estimator

A neural network model to predict blood pressure from PPG pulse waves


A tool to measure collective attention of meeting attendees utilizing eye tracking and blink rate


An android app that connects likeminded people in the locality.

Viral Hashtag Progression Visualizer

A tool to visualize progression of viral hashtags/topics on Social Media

Stanford Area Restaurants Visualization

An interactive visualization of restaurants around Stanford area

IndoorNav Systems

A software-hardware integrated system to help visitors navigate their way around a large building


Contact Me

Email me at dahsan@stanford.edu/ahsan@cs.stanford.edu or use the following form